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Membership fees and details

Contact or join us

Full membership fee for new members and for renewals is £120 per annum (6 months - April to September).

New members joining during the season will pay on a pro rata basis.

People interested in trying croquet can arrange one free taster session. A lawn fee of £5 per visit is then payable, if people wish to play on a casual or visitor basis rather than join as a club member.

We also have Social Membership, which is £20 per year.

Fees for playing in tournaments/coaching will be extra, contact us for details.

We accept online payment or payments by cheque: please email for details.

Coaching sessions for members

If you are interested in joining our club or would like to try one of the taster sessions, email us at or call/message Pat Freeman on 07849 026808. 


Alternatively, click the button below to leave your message and we will get in touch with you shortly. 

GC image.png

Coaching sessions for members are arranged from time to time. 

Club facilities

Enjoy these club facilities while playing at the lawn: 

  • Kitchen for tea, coffee and refreshments

  • On-site toilets

  • Chairs and tables 

  • Playing equipment, eg mallets

Lawn maintenance is undertaken by Glendale on behalf of LB Lewisham. Members also undertake some tasks.

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