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Golf Croquet

At SCC, we play Golf Croquet (GC). Check the links below if you want more information of Golf croquet and how to play it.

Croquet Association has important information on the rules of the game and how Golf Croquet is played.

Click the following links to read about:

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Lawn layout_Croquet.jpg

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Image courtesy: Croquet Association (

Croquet Equipment:

A croquet set should contain, as a minimum:

  • Two croquet mallets

  • Six hoops

  • One centre peg

  • Four balls (blue, red, black and yellow)

Rules, order and direction of running hoops

The above image shows a standard layout of a croquet court. The order and direction that hoops are played are shown in the court diagram above.

Our club provides all necessary equipment including mallets. If you want to purchase your own mallet, then check Links & Info page.

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