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Past Tournaments and Events 

Glimpses of our past tournaments and internal competitions
1951 Tournament
1951_July 29 Finals day.jpg
All winners/runners-up on Finals day on July 29, 1951.

Winner list_2023_Board 2.jpg
Events - 2017 to 2021
2017 New Competition

The Sydenham team who won the inaugural trophy for the Ladies' Teams Day at Southwick:

Liz Price, Janet Gowland, Claire Bowden-Dan, Jane Sheridan.

2019 Finals Day

Singles winner: Simon Carter

Runner-up: Priscilla Sowan


Doubles winners: Claire Bowden-Dan

and Michael Relevitch 

Runners-up :David Hamilton and 

Margaret Twaddle

2021 Finals Day

The winners of the Doubles competition: Priscilla Sowan and Angela Finch. (The Singles competition was not held.)

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